Byte specialises in simple, clutter-free, web  sites that present the message without confusing the viewer.  Attention to detail and emphasis on meaning sets us apart from most design studios.  This  approach puts control of the content firmly in the hands of the site owner without the burdon of handling the technicalities.

The simplest application would consist of  :-

  • Registration and set up of or etc.
  • Design and set up of a custom information page, e.g. from your letterhead. This is the very simplest of applications and far more valuable than a blank holding page.
  • Setup of a mailbox which receives
    (All mail received can be  re-routed to your existing mailbox) PLUS 3 FREE mail boxes which can also be viewed with a browser, e.g. at an internet café.
  • Setup of descriptive information embedded on each page for indexing by search engines.
  • 12 months hosting for  web page and mailboxes.

A simple one-page web site with your company’s logo, phone, fax, and e-mail details, will cost from:-
R 3000 + VAT once off and
R 2400 + VAT annually, including mailbox, giving a first invoice total of :-
R 5400 + 14%VAT

That translates to a total of about:-
 US $ 400 or
 GB £ 315 in August 2016 money.